Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Note From Chris' Mom

Hi all of Chris' and Kyle's faithful readers. I know many of you are wondering, "Where are all the awesome, intelligent, and funny snippets of insight that we've come to expect from Chris and Kyle and love so much?" Well, here's your answer. Chris and Kyle decided to take a leisurely trip to the zoo several weeks ago. Knowing how much they love animals (especially bears, penguins, and raccoons), I wasn't surprised that they weren't home after 9 hours at the zoo. After four days, I was beginning to get a little bit worried. Now, its been 23 days and they still haven't returned. I received a postcard from them saying they made friends with several of the animals at the zoo (Kyle added a special note to mention his new friends Kenny, Sasha, and Tad, three meerkats) and decided to live with them for awhile. You know boys, always making new friends at the zoo!

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