Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ideas: Clowning around.

Here’s a new idea: Clowning around.

We like to do it and so should you. Why take life so seriously when you can live a much happier life when you take life not so seriously? Good question. We tried it out a couple of times, and we slowly realized that this principle works even better the less serious you take everything, and pretty soon we found ourselves clowning around all the time. And guess, what? It’s great! Work goes from something to dread to being a pillow fight or a game of charades! School goes from being boring and expensive to being a great time to play tag! Sports aren’t just about training and competing but about giggling and joking! Money isn’t something to worry about, its something to make paper airplanes and origami out of! Conversations aren’t about getting to know the other person, they’re about telling knock-knock jokes, making funny voices, and laughing! Getting dressed in the morning isn’t a daily task, it’s a way to sport that new hot pink tank top, those new light up shoes, that animal sweater, and a smile! Not only does it bring joy to your day, it brings joy to everyone around you. One time, we were clowning around in the store, and a woman came up to us and said, “Hey, are you guys ok?” That sure brought joy to her day!

Clowning around opens up so many new possibilities to have fun, we can’t even make a list big enough. But, here are a few ideas to help you get started.
1. Make up new words.
2. Ride bikes.
3. Pretend
4. Try to get around without walking. (try rolling, kneeling, piggy-backing, or other creative ideas)
5. Camp out in your living room with a tent.
6. Play games all the time.
7. Act like your favorite animal.
8. Goof around.
9. Talk in funny voices.
10. Sing oldies.
11. Wear bright colors and animal themed outfits.
12. Only read the cartoons in the newspaper.
13. Play tetris instead of doing homework.
14. Make jokes.
15. Don’t listen to directions or instruction.
16. Apply for as many credit cards as possible, its free money!
17. Walk around with your pockets full of bouncy balls.
18. Jump off your bed.
19. Go to the store and buy as many packs of gum as possible.
20. Hang out with kids and animals, they sure know how to clown around!

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