Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quick ways to make money with Chris and Kyle

1. Rob people
2. Sell movies
3. Yard sales
4. Collect bottles and cans and redeem money
5. Swim in mall fountains and collect change (we recommend this because it combines two fun activities!)
6. Go to the local school and steal kids' lunch money
7. Kidnap a rich guy and hold him for hostage money
8. Win the nobel prize
9. Time travel and buy google's stocks
10. Get a job
11. Marry a rich person
12. Sell novelity items on e-bay
13. Become a con-man/woman
14. Get a job and find a way to get hurt so you get worker's comp.
15. Sell any extra body parts you don't need
16. Compromise US secrets for money
17. Re-sell girl scout cookies
18. Rob a bank/casino
19. Win America's Funniest Home videos
20. Stand at intersections with a bucket for donations and punch people's cars that don't give you any money
21. Buy a dog
22. Become a lawyer who does wills and insert your name for all the good stuff
23. Become a glasses salesperson
24. Give haircuts for money
25. Pickpocket
26. Learn to beatbox and perform live
27. Beg
28. Visit many websites each day
29. Bet on Michael Jordan winning
30. Become fake security guards and steal everything
31. Go to church and steal from the offering plate
32. Deal drugs
33. Fraud
34. Get adopted by rich parents
35. Hold up a train
36. Find a golden ticket
37. Treasure hunting
38. Start a new social networking site
39. Become good at sports and win them
40. Change your name to a rich person and steal their checks and cash them
41. Pretend to be a toll-booth person
42. Start a generic rap or hip-hop group
43. Win the lottery
44. Not pay taxes
45. Find Bin Laden
46. Where's Waldo
47. Create fake tours to Guatemala hot springs
48. Student loans
49. Scooters
50. Start a new holiday
51. Gold rush
52. Join Van Halen
53. Tell people you know how to do tattoos
54. Win American Idol
55. Win Dancing with the Stars
56. Win Survivor
57. Win Deal or No Deal
58. Win Who Wants to be a Millionaire
59. Win Wheel of Fortune
60. Win Family Feud
61. Win a war
62. Win Jeopardy
63. Win The Price is Right
64. Win Miss America
65. Win America's Got Talent
66. Win a raffle
67. Win a jet skis
68. Winnebago
69. Moonshine business
70. Find Amelia Earhart
71. Write a memoir
72. Fill vodka bottles with water and sell them
73. Tell people your car is a taxi when you give them a ride
74. Take tips at restaurants
75. Breed hybrid animals
76. Clone Donald Trump
77. Invent something
78. Patent new words
79. Find a blank check
80. Stocks
81. Start a pyramid scheme
82. Dress up like a movie star and require money for autographs
83. Check every vending machine for change
84. Mario Cart
85. Become a youtube sensation
86. Go to Japan
87. Plant a money tree
88. Make a porno
89. Become papparazi
90. Find cures for diseases
91. Sell Newsboys merch at Agape festivals
92. Sell your friends' stuff to pawn shops
93. Pretend to be a doctor
94. Pretend you died and collect life insurance
95. Start a 401k
96. Invest
97. Study economics
98. Come up with fashion designs for Abercrombie and Fitch
99. Wittle canes for old people
100. Become a televangalist

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